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Monday, May 22, 2006 

When stupid calls a radio show

While listening to my favorite crackpot radio show, Coast to Coast AM, early this morning, someone called in to voice his opinions about two topics which he declared were unrelated. The first concern of his was the President's administration using an imperialistic, interventionist and preemptive foreign policy. So distrought was this caller that his voice began to squeak with a whimpering helplessness. Apparently, the U.S. Military is killing people somewhere. Shocking, I know.

After gargling out a few more sentences in support of his first reason for calling, he got on to the second one. The caller reminded us that Iran is a serious threat to Israel and Jews everywhere. So, what does he ask the show's guest (a retired Army Colonel) 30 seconds after ending his rant about the U.S. spreading it's empire? "What is the President going to do about Iran?!?" He went on and on about nuclear technology, terrorist financing, Israel being blown up, etc. The bottom line is that he was adamant about the U.S. attacking Iran before something happened, as though Israel were a de facto 52nd state (see: 51 - Puerto Rico).

Callers like him are why I listen to this show. It's a gold mine for illogical thought processes. The caller has no clue that he just contradicted himself with the two parts of his call. Of coure, the host and guest don't either but they're both certifiably insane - a fair excuse, i'd say.

I wonder if this sort of reasoning is prevalent within the majority of individuals. It's clear that much of the U.S. citizenry hold to a view that peoples of certain countries have more value than others. I'd imagine, though I could be wrong, that people have a fairer opinion of the Japanese than they do of the Chinese (due to that whole Communism thing). While this speaks to those of the ruling class and not the subservient individual, it's still a common mistake made in forming an opinion of this sort. So, would Americans be as outraged if China were threatening to sink the isles of Japan every other week? Probably not, but that has more to do with Christianity's religious interests in the Middle East than anything else.

This comment is not related to your article, so I will apologise in advance; but the gif you have of the guy typing like mad and then bashing his head on the keyboard, is hilarious, lol

It's called double-think, the holding of two contrarian positions in one's mind. (I'm sure you're aware of that). There's a great example of what happens when one of these poor souls is confronted with a truthful statement in Alex Jones' film Terror Storm. The guy's brain shortcircuits and he goes away frustrated at not being able to speak like a coherent human being.


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