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Friday, May 19, 2006 

Pat Robertson sees wet people

Everyone's favorite loathesome old codger is at it again. Apparently God has told Pat Robertson yet another secret, and this is one of those times that he's sharing it with everyone!


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. -- Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson says God told him storms and possibly a tsunami will hit America's coastline this year.

Robertson has made the predictions at least four times in the past two weeks on his news-and-talk television show "The 700 Club" on the Christian Broadcasting Network, which he founded. Robertson said the revelations about this year's weather came to him during his annual personal prayer retreat in January.

"If I heard the Lord right about 2006, the coasts of America will be lashed by storms," Robertson said May 8. Wednesday, he added, "there well may be something as bad as a tsunami in the Pacific Northwest."

While it's obvious that these are the ramblings of a would-be mental patient, I thought that i'd look into this whole hurricane prediction thing a bit more. AccuWeather.com's annual hurricane season forecast has been fairly, uhh. . . 'accurate' - over the years. The 2006 forecast predicts that "six tropical cyclones will make landfall in the U.S. Five of these landfalling storms are likely to be hurricanes, with three being major hurricanes of Category 3 or greater."

Now, i've read up on AccuWeather.com's, and other meteorological forecasters', methods used to compile the data for these predictions and I failed to see "God's supa-dupa poW3rZ" mentioned anywhere. It's probably a safe bet that Pat is in the same boat as Joe Morgan when it comes to the value of computers, and technology in general.

The timing of Robertson's babbling is rather humorous as well. Most initial hurricane predictions are made right after the season officially ends (end of Novermber) and tend to change little as further data is examined. So, when it's factored in that Pat Robertson is a professional liar, the likelihood that he was fully aware of these forecasts before making his divine inside scoop known.

I vote that he is a loonie AND a liar.

I'll agree with that Beep.

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