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Monday, May 08, 2006 

Even More Bird Flu Stupidity

Apparently instilling terror in the public is only acceptable if the professionals are the ones administering the terror. A new bird flu movie, which is going to hit the airwaves soon, has some statist pigs all hot and bothered.

"Experts fear bird flu movie may spur panic."

"I am not happy," said Mike Osterholm, a University of Minnesota public health expert who has been warning about and consulting on the threat of an influenza pandemic.

"I worry that this could very well be portrayed by many as ultimate example of sensationalism," Osterholm told reporters in a telephone briefing on Monday.

This idiot is worried about sensationalism? There's no way a movie like this is stopped from being released. The movie makers have essentially done the government officials' jobs for them. What need is there for back-alley deals, to try and pump up the scare factor of bird flu, by drug companies and anyone else who might stand to profit from the panicking masses. If anything, they'll probably donate money for the advertising of the movie.

Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt has been holding meetings in the 50 states and territories to convince businesses, educators and individuals to prepare for a pandemic that could throw 40 percent of the workforce out of action for weeks on end.

"While the movie does serve to raise awareness about avian and pandemic flu, we hope it will inspire preparation -- not panic," the HHS talking points read.

Loosely translated: We want your money. All of it.

They are revving up the avian flu propaganda. How much do you bet that governments around the world are going to hype this up and use it as an excuse to erect new gigantic health departments, and it's gonna end up about as bad as Y2K ?

You got that right. This impending "crisis" is Donald Rumsfeld's cash-cow. Cheney has the war and Haliburton, now it's Rumsfeld and Gilead Sciences, of which he used to be the Chairman of the Board. They invented Tamiflu - the most widely recommended medicine for the avian flu by the FDA and NIH. Cha-fucking-ching goes his bankroll.

There is probably going to be a chicken in Canada that tests positive for it. Thus giving us people patrolling the imaginary Mexican border, trying to shoot people of a different color, and others patrolling the imaginary Canadian border, trying to shoot anything with wings.

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