Tuesday, April 11, 2006 

I Hate You

Yes, you. Based on polls and surveys taken across the globe, there's an extremely good chance that I don't like anything you stand for. You're most likely holding yourself to some sort of statism or nationalism. And, of course, there is that whole religion thing which instantly turns you into a big bucket of stupid in my eyes. So, yeah, I hate you.

When it comes to sponsoring politics and emitting national "pride", all you're saying is that you enjoy having other people tell you what is right and wrong for yourself. When you go to vote, you're forking over your values to someone else who does not share them. No one else holds your exact set of values but you can't seem to understand that fact. You agree, maybe, with someone on a few issues and then come to the conclusion that this someone should have the power to set the guidelines and boundaries for my way of life. For this, I hate you.

Sending those who volunteer to kill innocent people and destroy private property in an alleged defense of the false-concept that is a nation is right up your alley. To you: "Wars have to be fought, otherwise, who would fight them?". For this, I hate you.

As the numbers would dictate, you're most likely a fan of the supernatural. You enjoy living this life in some downtrodden, miserable fashion in hopes that when you die, you'll be granted entrance into a floating Candyland where everything is made of peppermint and you get to sit in a circle as you stare at a chocolatey throne for eternity. Once there, you think that you'll be meeting a giant first cause inducing, finger-shaking fairy. To help you get there, you resort to a poorly written clusterfuck of stories which you believe holds the answer to any question that may arise during your travails in life. And everytime you turn a papyrus page in one of these tales, you interpret it in a completely different way than the last person did. Then, on the all-too-common occasion when this book makes you look like a moron, you say that you have faith in this dellusion of yours and that justifies everything. For this, I hate you.

But why? Why won't I just be tolerant of your dumbfuckery? Because if I do that, then it means your morally bankrupt world view is as deserving as mine of being heard, spread, taught, etc. Alas, it is not, and you can't come anywhere close to proving that it is. Yet, for some reason, you try to get me to go along with this whole tolerance thing anyway. For this, I hate you.

Save the cries of equal time for someone who is, at best, your equal in stupidity.


Saturday, April 01, 2006 

Property Rights = Terrorism

Do you live in Virginia? If so, you're probably a terrorist; accoring to the state anyway. Some manual to help state employees point out possible terrorists was leaked a few days ago and, well, here's what's in it:

Ok, I can understand the Animal Rights Activists and other Green Party psychos but people in favor of private property? What's next? A watch list for people who don't want to be raped or murdered?

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