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Thursday, March 23, 2006 

Those aren't anarchists

Just checked the Drudge Report for late breaking lies and what d'ya know? I found one!

He has the following picture and link/caption:

Typical Sludge, I mean Drudge. The imagery and captioned link are completely opposite of what I know entails being anarchist. Violence is what an anarchy is trying to escape; coercion first and foremost. Destruction of private property and blood in the streets isn't the anarchist's goal or even first response to problems of this nature - job laws being changed in this case - and anyone who tells you it is justified is a socialist/syndicalist quack. You'll note that the story, to which the link takes you, does not even mention the word anarchist once. Why? Because they're not anarchists. They're simply accustomed to the old state-enforced employment laws and airtight unions. The French are having that taken away and now they cry afoul by tipping over cars and lighting things on fire. See what statism does to people?

So, here we have Drudge using yet another underhanded way to paint anarchism as the 'chaotic party' which wants corspes to pile up in the streets in order to accomplish it's goal. The masses in the U.S. bite on this sort of tripe hook, line, and sinker too (especially, especially in this country). It does make our job more difficult in educating people when major media outlets attempt to blur reality in this way, but we can take solace in the notion that they're doing it because they see moral truths in a free-market society and it scares the hell out of them.

ANYONE WHO USES FORCE cannot complain about the state, whose method is force and threat. They are in the same moral boat. Consistent means of anarchist protest can only be non-violent.

That does not mean protests, which are spectacularly useless.

Absolutely. There's too much tarnish on anarchy from popular culture.

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