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Saturday, March 18, 2006 

Love me not

I've been thinking about love lately; the concept as I understand it now and how i've misused it in the past. Love, as I view it, is a value judgement between yourself and whomever(be it family or friends). The values I see in someone else must mirror my own in a number of ways - obviously there isn't anyone else on the planet who holds my exact set of values - in order for that person to garner my love. Why would a person love another person whom shared hardly any of the same values? Would that be love? I don't think so.

Admiration is a large part of love for me as well. Seeing something in someone else that you wish to strive for while that person sees the same in you is one of the deepest connections two people can make, I think.

And then there is this notion of unconditional love. I now see this aspect of normal familial relations as comical. Why should one hold a family member in some special regard over someone who is unrelated to you? If a family member holds none of your values or moral convictions, why is there this general rule of sticking by your family before all others, even if you despise them? Solely because parts of their genetic makeup mirror my own? Pfft, that doesn't void a person's immorality.

I hear "I love you" plenty of times from people i've considered my family for as long as I can remember. Some of them I know to be completely immoral and insane, others I am not so sure about, but why should I hold onto this notion of them as "always on my side of the fence" when they hold none of the same values, or show no curiousity towards mine for that matter, and lack the slightest grasp of an objective moral standard. I don't think anyone deserves anything unconditionally, especially love. Though, i'm just now learning what it is to not expect any when ties are severed, and to deny it when it's offered still.

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