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Saturday, March 18, 2006 

It's a war! No, it's a picnic!

Out of boredom, I found myself rereading 1984 over the past couple of days.

When comparing the reporting of happenings in the War on Terror with the Ministry of Truth's dealings in the coverage of Oceania's foreign relations, the two strike each other as eerily similiar. Headlines and huge announcements made one day only for them to be something different, if not completely unrecognizable a few days later.

Granted, the actual ruling class doesn't have as much authority over the press as Orwell's fictional one but there isn't all that much of a difference. For instance, the supposed "largest air assault on Iraq since the begining of the war", Operation Swarmer, is today found out to be anything but what it was originally billed as. 1500 troops, transported by 50 helicopters, managed to capture a whopping 48 people (17 of which were released shortly after). There's efficient use of taxpayer money, for you. And when does it get reported as to how many innocents were killed and how much of their property was destroyed?

Nothing groundbreaking here, merely a subject that has been refreshed in my mind.

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