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Wednesday, March 01, 2006 

The Bird Flu Cometh

I hope people realize that this designer virus will be striking the U.S. rather soon.

I hope people realize that there is a reason for the spreading of this virus.

I hope people realize that it seems to be the same reason that Haliburton received all of these wartime contracts.

I hope people realize that Donald Rumsfeld used to be the chairman of the board at Gilead Sciences which manufactures the most widely recommended medication(Tamiflu) specifically for severe flu strains.

I hope people realize that this is all a money grab. Cheney and his Haliburton crew got theirs, now it's Rumsfeld's turn. If you don't think they get kickbacks in some shape or form then I should tell you that i'm selling some swamp land in Florida and you're more than likely in the market.

I hope people realize that the poultry industry will take a huge hit when this goes down.

Finally, I hope people don't listen to anything PETA has to say when the bird flu hits the U.S. because they are a clan of terrorists whose sole purpose is to impede human beings' livelihood by means of force.

Gee... the ruling class has an interest in the scare they are trumping up, and Greenies are idiots. Tell us more, Mr. Obvious. ;)

I try. =P My few readers don't seem to be as on point as yours, Franc. Playing down to them is bad, I know.

Though, I did find it funny that only a few hours after I posted, Drudge had up as the main headline "Bird Flu to hit U.S. soon."

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