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Saturday, February 25, 2006 

Jesus was mentally ill (assuming he ever existed)

So, i've been reading up on the Two Minds Theory. It states that Jesus had two minds: one divine/supernatural mind, which contained infinite knowledge (omniscience) and one earthly mind which experienced things as human's do ( or mere humans as Morris puts it). The earthly mind had no knowledge of the divine mind's omniscience but did have some small amount of restricted access to the divine mind in some unspecified way from what I understand. Thus, TMT somehow explains away conflicts between Jesus' omniscience and being perfectly moral, which, in the Bible, he clearly wasn't but should have been given his being the son of God and all. Unfortunately, for apologists, this still leaves a few contradictions with the Gospels' account of what Jesus did in life and it also doesn't explain the problem of Jesus' omnipotence, as Michael Martin has pointed out in The Case Against Christianity.

After reading a good chunk of Thomas Morris' The Logic of God Incarnate, I can conclude only the following from the thrust of his argument: Apologists are attempting to prescribe Jesus with a mental illness/disorder in order to SAVE his credibility. Good job, fruitcakes. I feel as though i'm the one developing the mental illness due to trying to understand what these people are attempting to say. Make sense, damnit!

I know, I know, someone is going to tell me that I have incorrectly interpretted Morris here. Guess what though? Up to this point, I haven't. And until, or if, I do, how about offering some idea, or evidence, that doesn't create a contradiction to support Morris before attacking me!

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