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Thursday, February 02, 2006 

Hating the state

"The State of the Union address was given Tuesday night by President George W. Bush."

That's the kindest thing I can say about the annual promotion of violence which just took place. It's taken me a day to gather my thoughts, and emotions, after those hate-speeches were delivered in succession (the response from the left included) Tuesday evening. Needless to say, i'm left, as I always am after these speeches, disgusted and with rhetorical questions.

There really is nothing like watching almost all of the ruling class stuffed into a room, wildly applauding declarations which further the theft-at-gun-point taxations of an unsuspecting populace. New programs are announced with little care of whom flips the bill. Have you seen the tax breaks politicians and the ultra-wealthy corporatists receive? Government does not thrive off of delivering good on their promises. They thrive off of lying to you, obfuscating the fact that they're robbing you blind in order to stuff their own pockets; acquiring the means to expand the 'Empire'.

How about listening to some smirking first-term governor follow up the SotU address by telling me that I an included in a group that "prays for the troops" in Middle East? Or that there is "another way" to approach the all important issues? What way is that? By stealing more of my money to deepen the papercut your statist brother-in-arms inflicted on the system?

And then there is the reninvigorated beating of the war drums. The stern look of our leader into a camera, addressing a foreign region, and professing the 'joy' it would bring to all Americans if we could plant our democracy seed in their back yard and laugh about it over a nice cup of coffee. Fucking brilliant sentiment, isn't it?

Watching a tiny minority (the ruling class) unilaterally superimpose their values over mine in public is not my idea of a fun evening. Why do I watch it then? Because it is morally reprehensible to ignore the coercion which looms over our society.

So you're an anarchist too huh ? Good going. I'm a relatively new market anarchist. Check out simplyanarchy.com - I've been working on that for a while.

Hey Franc,

I've had Simply Anarchy linked for about a week now since you first mentioned it on GotG.

As for being an anarchist, well, I was lead to these truths pretty much in the same manner you were; through listening to Stef. Absorbing his, as well as your own, blogs, articles, and podcasts has been an invaluable learning experience. I can't thank you guys enough.

And after awhile all that clapping sounded more like the republicans and neo-cons crapping.
What is it with having to clap/crap after every smirk.

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