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Thursday, January 05, 2006 

Staying State-free

First, let's make it understood that a state is doomed to fail from it's inception. It's power and penchant for violently enslaving the masses can only exist for so long until any number of things force it to die a necessarily painful death.

Now, i've been pondering the various circumstances in which a state might finally implode under it's violently enforced ways. It seems to me there are foreign and domestic influences which would aid to a state's demise.

Let's start with the latter. What types of domestic catalysts could cause a state to fold?

  • Economic collapse
  • Civil unrest/upheaval
How about foreign catalysts?

  • Economic success (i.e. rendering the U.S. dollar obsolete)
  • Nuclear war
  • Military invasion
Surely there are many more specfic influences, perhaps broader ones as well, that could bring about the death of a state. My question is, once a state is over and done with, how do we ensure success in terms of allowing freedom to prosper under a unversal morality? Well, the obvious answer, as Stefan Molyneux pointed out to me, is to keep a generation of children safe from the affects of Statism. That's absolutely true, but it seems to me that just stopping there would be a woeful lack of thought as to how we see this through. One could say: "the state is unlikely to fall within our lifetime" or "we're still in the early stages of trying to make a dent in the armor which is the state". However, it seems all but impossible to predict when a state, our state, will fall. So purporting it to be something that will happen off in the distance holds no more value than if I say the straw that breaks the state's back is going to do it's thing 48 seconds from now.

This, to me, makes the lack of thought into other state's, or semblance of a state, imposing their will on us during a period of time where we'd be vulernable to such influences. After all, any societal infrastructure would be absent. We'd be unorganized if such a threat arose; albeit revelling in our newfound notion of freedom.

I think it's irresponsible for those of us who actively seek freedom under a universal morality to shrug our shoulders and say "that's for the next generation of Libertarians to sort out." If we're waiting for our numbers to increase to the point where a dissenting voice would be a small minority, well, I find that highly unlikely until a Libertarian-inspired, universally moral, free society is actually above the intial stages of growth. People are dumb animals to whom shiny objects have great appeal. They're set in their ways and will more than likely wade in the water where the state has sunk for some time; latching onto a 'lost comfort'. So, how do we combat such things while maintaining our morality?


After a short discussion about the above with someone, perhaps my fears are a bit overstated. Educating the masses should be the main focus since we're in a very small minority. I'll have to work through my issues then. Never the less, I decided to go ahead and post this - obviously - as it might help other libertarians who have the same paranoid thoughts running through their minds at times. (If anyone actually reads this, hah!)

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