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Thursday, January 19, 2006 

Sound the amoral Xtian alarm!

Judges rule state has power to remove 11 year old girl from life support.

Shiavo had a throng wackos trying to make a positive claim on her life. Where are those of that ilk now? Is this little girl not worthy of their Christian dogmas? What about the 'stepfather'? Or the state? Quick, find as many carefully plucked bible passages to reaffirm whatever stance you take on this one, Christians!

Fucking psychos.

I guess this case isn't dignified enough for them to get all riled up.

Upon further review:

I cannot see how Christians could pass this one up. It involves two of their favorite things to rally for and against in one fell swoop. Putting people to death for crimes and saving those in vegetative states.

Then again, this might cause the Christian's pea-brain to overheat and stop rattling around in their hollowed skulls.

In a strange twist, according to her doctors at least, the little girl is apparently breathing on her own after being taken off life support. Hopefully she has enough faculties left to resume a normal life.

The only explanation I can come up with for the strange silence is that apparently the guy could get the death penalty if the girl dies. The religious right's love of the death penalty is one of the few things that trumps their support for the right-tolife of the brain dead.

Yeah, they're rather fond of state sponsored murder. Which is funny because their religion is what drives to them such beliefs due to the inherent condemnation of sinners and non-believers.

Though, technically, all the man has to do - according to Christianity - is ask for forgiveness and he's rejoined their (a)moral ranks.

This is really silly. Terry Schiavo's condition was a totally different situation. Do you think there should be protests for everyone on life support? You obviously weren't following the story.

How exactly is it fundamentally different?

A life will be ended by ceasing the medical procedures which have kept it alive. The fact that they don't protest every person slated to be taken off life support is hypocrtical. In the two cases mentioned, a family meember(s) is/was asking for life to be preserved.

So, seeing a person put to death for a crime loses out to a choice(in this instance, made by the state) to end an individual's suffering when it comes to which deserves more attention from Christians? Gotcha.

Christians thrive off of death. It's their favorite recruitment tool. All the state would be doing is finishing the job for this so called stepfather. There will have been a smorgasbord of murder for Christians to observe after this has played out.

How aroused they must be...

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