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Monday, January 16, 2006 

Required reading

Please read this speech. I know it's long but free-thinkers and statists alike should realize the problem we face.

Al Gore delivered an interesting speech a few hours ago which attempts to reallign statism. He points out that the nearing alternative is much, much more unpleasant. And to be quite honest, i'd rather depise our current state than live under tyrannical unilateral executive whose moral compass is guided by fairy-tales. We're not at the latter....yet.

The choice this speech leaves me weighing is whether i'd rather see a slow decaying collapse of the state which gives libertarians a greater chance to spread the message or a swifter collapse with a much more treacherous, albeit unstable, state in it's place. After I looked at it in that manner, the choice is relatively easy. While any sane, free-thinking individual wants to be unshackled from the restraints and ultimatums of the state as soon as possible, taking the risk of falling into even more cumbersome shackles should be avoided if possible.

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