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Wednesday, January 18, 2006 

It's conspiracy time!

Something seemed a bit too coincidental over the last two days and I got to thinking about it well into the early morning hours.

Following Al Gore's speech he gave on Monday, you'd expect there to be some harsh words thrown back at Democrats from the right. Well, there is the best they could muster up: Al Gore is a hypocrite. Seems to me it's as though Republicans aren't able to attack his message so they make a weak attempt on his character. Quite unlike their usual party tact or isn't it?

The last time a voice this loud spoke against the current administration, it was around or just after the last election. And what started popping up on television as major news? What was the big thing that caused outrage, anger, fear, and disgust in Americans? Televised beheadings. Remember Nicholas Berg? There are two excellent threads on that incident here and here.

So, we have this scathing, clear cut speech lobbed at one side, which really has no answer because they've brazenly admitted to it in front of the American people. There's a minor attack on the speech giver's character and no real addressing of the message he delivered. Mind you, this speech was BARELY picked up by the major news agencies. No CNN, Fox, NBC, CBS, or ABC. So, what's the breaking news the following day?

Iraqi Captors Threaten Life of Reporter!
Al Jazeera airs video of kidnapped journalist!
Captors threaten to kill U.S. journalist!

That's right. A female journalist is to be executed if the captures demands are not met within 3 days.

Now either I read too much into things or it's the same old fear mongering tactic being used over and over and over again. Who wants to see a woman beheaded on television? I most certainly do not. So that means we must somehow give away even more of our dwindling liberties in order to ensure that this won't happen? Look, i'm sure there are some extremely evil people in the Mid-East, but when you look at the Nick Berg beheading, there are too much questions that arise.

These people - the government - will seemingly stop at nothing to keep their religious strangle-hold over this country. Liberty, free-thought, and personal values are all being choked out of the West. More and more Christian sponsored schools are popping up in place of public schools. And public schools are being invaded by religious dogmatics. It's as though a Christian manifest destiny is under way; spreading from the West, accross the Atlantic, into the Middle East.

Again, maybe I read too much into things, but does this sound all that impossible? Moreover, if this is the case, why don't people care enough to do anything about it?

Just stopped by to say hi. I've started a second blog where no one knows who I am and I can say what I want. So I'm snooping around for new Blogs to read.

I'll check it out. Thanks for stopping by.

Gee, isn’t it always better to ignore the issues and extrapolate arguments out to something that becomes a moral argument? It seems to be working out well for the right even as they are indicted at a rate that would make an organized crime family proud.

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