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Friday, January 13, 2006 

Islam stomps the weak from it's herd

Story: Muslims squished to death

An enormous gathering of i-fundies slowly moves torward a giant stone pillar. Once there, they have to pick up a rock while moving and hurl it at the pillar because the devil appeared there a long, long time ago. However, if someone happens to trip and fall while trying to move and pick up a rock, they more than likely get trampled to death. I guess this is just Allah's way of weeding out the weak, eh?

Alas, there can't be much else expected from strict Islamic theocracies. It's not like people living under them have much of a choice when it comes to openly criticizing their own traditions. Still, it boggles the mind the lengths people will go in order to maintain the facade of their fairy-tale views.

None the less, they are fucking insane, violent, hate mongers.

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