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Wednesday, January 25, 2006 

Iran's pseudoscience to the rescue!

Guess what? Iran is going to have a conference to closely examine the Holocaust on their terms. Even going so far as to examine the "scientific evidence" of the Holocaust. Those dutiful bastards. How nice of them to leave no stone unturned so they can reaffirm our undestanding that neo-Nazism is despicable.

What's that you say?

That's not why they're holding this conference?

Iran is fucking insane and I should read this article to further understand why they're complete asshats?

I swear the news gets funnier, and scarier, everyday regarding Iran and Israel. There's three or four stories crossing the wire daily that defy any and all forms of sanity and morality. The only thing that can come of the attitudes that the peoples of these two nations currently hold is murder. And you know Christians, and the U.S., never pass on a chance to get their hands bloodied when there is even a hint of religious overtones present. Well, that's not entirely true seeing as the ruling class of this country seems to effectively skirt around getting themsevles physically involved when situations like these arise.

Anyway, blah.

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