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Monday, January 23, 2006 

I don't get Protestants.

To be more specific, I don't understand why any people are religious other than hedonistic impulses and a lack of objective philosophical education. Okay, maybe I do understand but a lack of education may have more to do with early religious indoctrination these days. Either way, I guess it's a lack of 'edumacation', as Stephen Colbert would put it.

Anyway, one of the tenets of Protestantism is Solus Christus , or Christ alone, which states that Jesus Christ is the only person who could be a mediator between God and man. In other words, they disregard any and all papal works(i.e. the Pope has no authority).

Buuuuuuut, they also adhere to the New Testament. What is conveniently forgotten by Protestants, and their many reformed fragments, is that the New Testament's books were chosen by a Pope. That's right, Pope Saint Damasus I had the Greek/Latin translations altered, as well as omitting some books in this new version of God's word, during the first formal canonization process(around 350 to 400ish A.D.) of the New Testament.

I'm sure I could post a giant list of contradictions about Protestantism specifically, but I really don't want to waste any more of my time today pondering why people imagine things exist outside of material reality and how said morons irrationalize it all.

At the time of cannonization the Catholic church had not acquired nor created all the baggage it carried with it a millinieum later and was much more akin to protestanism today. As the pope and others in the church became more and more liberal doctrinally those clinging to the original tenants of faith created the protestant movement.

This matters not as he was still arbitrarily molding, or mediating if you prefer, the word of his god.

The fact that books were omitted, those being considered the word of God as well, is enough all by itself to put the Christian faith on thin ice. Nevermind the claims being made are completely unsubstaniated and lack meaning.

Unsubstantiated in what way? There is much archaelogical evidence and more discovered everyday that corroborate many of the events of the Bible. But if you choose to dismiss it, it's irrelavent anyway. The foolishness of God is greater than the wisdom of man.

Claims unsubstantiated and lacking meaning: Definition of God. Jesus' existance. Supernatural existance. Virgin birth. God telling people to eat feces bread (Ezekiel 4:12-15).

Those should keep you busy for a lifetime. Though that is the idea isn't it?

Just because the bible has geographic locations (i.e. Jerusalem etc, etc.) in it does not validate any and all things stated within. Ah, but let's pretend that is the case for a second; Christianity is not the only true religion then, as other religious documents also have mentioned areas where people have made archeological discoveries. If that is the barometer by which you measure your bible's validity, there'd be no point to people battling over which imaginary purple unicorn is in charge of your lives. Yet, people still do. Hmmm.

Shaky ground you're on there. Surely you can do better than that.

I wasn't referring to geographic locations but people. The discovery of the tomb of Caiaphas the high priest who turned Jesus over to the Romans. The ossuary of Jesus brother inscribed, "James, Son of Joseph, Brother of Jesus" and dated by the Sobourne in Paris to that time. Stone tablets referring to Joash, David, Solomon, etc.

God didn't tell them to eat feces bread. It was a prophecy fortelling that as part of their punishment during captivity they would be reduced to baking their bread over fires produced by burning their own waste.

Supernatural existance? We're living proof of that ourselves. The mathematical improbability of everything coming together in the only manner possible to produce and sustain life is infinite. Yet a large proportion of very learned individuals contemptously ignore that fact.

Interesting discussion, with holes in everyone's arguments (as always). One of them regards the comment that the modern bible is based on a Pope's choices.

This not-so-cleverly skips over the fact that every Protestannt seminary student has to learn Greek and Hebrew in order to closely study and maybe even re-translate the works the bible is based on (including the supporting/surrounding texts). Most Protestants don't even realize the incredible wealth of contextual information that gives the bible weight and meaning.

On another note: where on earth did you find that disgusting, loathsome, and utterly pleasing icon in the top right corner? I collect such things and would just like to know....

If you're basing it off discoveries of persons mentioned in the bible, what makes ancient-Egyptian religions any less valid or true? Tombs of 'venerated' individuals have been uncovered, yet where is your espousal of truth and praise for Egyptian gods? And that's only one religion, albeit a dead one.

Oh, that's right because God is conveniently "unknowable". Forgot about that whole aspect of Christianity.

And you extrapolate too much from this bible passage.

You say that we are living proof of a supernatural existance? That reality is proof of laws that go beyond that of nature? And then you further claim that the forming of the conditions which allowed life to propagate in our solar system, on our planet, is due to an infinite "chance"? Ho, ho, ho... Santa comes once a year too. I can't even approach that one without falling over in laughter.

Welcome, tpeterr.

Kindly provide empirical evidence that shows this Pope wasn't the guy in charge of that first formal canonization of the New Testament. Saying it is not so and proving it are two different things, as i'm sure you understand.

The Muratorian canon assembled a bunch of books about 150 years prior, but it wasn't unverisally recognized by the church. It included at least three books that didn't make the final cut. This whole notion that people other than Jesus are actually determined what is and is not the word of God is in direct conflict with Solus Christus.

As for the little keyboard basher at the top of the page, I have no clue where it originated. I snagged it from a message board a long time ago. Certainly represents my feelings at times though.

Check out the song on my blog, I'm sure you know it, but I thought you'd appreciate it.

That song brings me right back to high school. The whole album, Skylarking, is classic. Had to find my cd just to reminisce. :>

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