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Thursday, January 19, 2006 

Hasidic Homeboy dot dot dot WTF

I've seen and heard it all now (figuratively of course). Twenty minutes later I still sit in bewilderment.

About this time every morning I turn on the TV, switch to one of a plethora of music stations - usually which ever station has something that least offends my senses at the time - and do some chores around the house. Well, I was about to put down the remote after hearing what I thought to be a catchy reggae song. After listening to what I determed were religion inspired lyrics for a few seconds, I was drawn back to the TV. What did I see? Well it took me a few seconds to process it but it turned out be a rapping Jew in full orthodox garb: beard, hat, and all. This threw me for an even further loop as he sounded as though he were one of Bob Marley's 38 sons.

All i'm saying is WTF.

Anyway, I finally pieced that together and have now concluded that atheists could use a good dose of poetic representation. Maybe we can get a chuckle out of folks if we send an uncaring, emotionless, monotone robot onto a stage to rap about non-belief, quantum theory, and the anti-virtues of Christian dogma. But seriously, Dawkins said it is scientists whom must point out the wonders that science can inspire to poets for them to reach their full potential. Perhaps atheism could use more of poets touch as well. After all, atheism appreciates the value of life far more than any theistic faith does.

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