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Friday, January 20, 2006 

The Godless Splinter

One of the least known things about Ted Williams is that he was atheist through and through. Regardless, Ted wasn't anywhere near perfect in his assessments of the world. The downside of his views was a devotion to the state. He fought in wars, and is widely recognized for his 'bravery' in combat. It's that same devotion which also drove him to become the greatest hitter baseball has ever known.

If only i'd had been able to meet someone of his stature when I was younger, and know that he held no beleif in the undefined. Sure, he was a human being just like you or I, but he'd been so distinguished by baseball - which all but encapsulated much of my childhood and teenage years, that i'd have simply stood there in awe and absorbed whatever he had to say. After all, there was .406, the walk-off home run in the 1941 All-Star game, the home run he hit in the final at bat of his career, and so much more. We depend on our elders to guide us with truth as children and even though I could not have been sure that what he believed was true at the time, due to my undeveloped mind, I would have been the better for it.

Only after he died did I learn of Ted's non-belief. Perhaps, the same desire to beat the game of baseball into submission also carried over into his views about god(s). Nothing could be Ted's master, I suspect. Alas, the irony of him being 'the great American hero' and a non-believer shouldn't go unnoticed.

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