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Sunday, January 15, 2006 

The Blame Game

There was a recent 60 Minutes edition which was devoted entirely to the West Virginia mining tragedy. Now, my view on aspects of this event might seem cold and uncaring. Guess what though? Read on or leave. The deaths of the miners is terribly sad. No human being should ever meet such an end, in my view. However, these are the pitfalls of civilization as currently constituted.

In the immediate aftermath, once the miners' deaths had been confirmed, there was a fascinating study in religion's effect on the human psyche. Raw emotion flowed freely, as would be expected.

The eye-opening thing happened right after the news was announced that the they were indeed dead. Families were enfuriated with the mining company and vocally blamed the incident on the mining company. Swearing them down on church steps no less. Mind you, there were cameras stuck in the face of every relative to one of these poor men who were killed. Doesn't sound all that out of the ordinary, I know.

We'll have to backtrack just a tiny bit to where the families of these miners were told that their loved ones were alive. What were the first things out of their mouths? "Thank GOD!" or "thank the lord" or "praise Jesus" - along with numerous other 'accreditations'. All of which is perfectly normal; the Christian, Muslim, or Jew thanking God for a perceived miracle. Of course, this doesn't sit well with me.

Now, when we put the reactions in their proper order - I stated them in reverse - it ends up as: "Thank you, God, for saving our husbands and fathers!" to "I hate you, mining company, for killing our husbands and fathers!". The reactions people were giving were honest and heart felt but if God is responsible for saving these people then, based upon what I am told of God, God should also be responsible for putting them in that situation and, ultimately, their deaths. Again, all according to the Christian god-concept. So, why then, is there an inconsistency in blame?

I'll tell you why. Hedonism. Plain and simple. The masses of Christianity don't seem fully capable of reconciling their beliefs when something bad happens to them. It's never God's fault. Why would it be? After all, their God is benevolent. Scratch that, their God is omnibenevolent. The Christians' wires get crossed somewhere in the process of assessing who is at fault for whatever. "God can't be to blame for these horrible deaths because everything God does is good" is what I imagine runs through their subconscious nanoseconds after the aforementioned deaths had been substantiated. That doesn't appear to be uncommon when you realize that throughout their religious indoctrination, I mean "lives", God is painted in a positive light while evil is left for nonbelievers to deal with. Though when looking at Christian scriptures, their God is to blame for every single thing that's ever happened, yet the initial reaction is to blame something other than God in situations like this.

But how could all of that be? Either their concept of God is applied to all occurrences in life or it can't even be considered as remotely viable. The fact that inconsistencies of this magnitude plague religions across the world should be an indicator that these are the views equivalent of a child choosing one flavor of ice cream over another. Completely subjective bullshit. Picking and choosing what makes one feel good is hedonism and Christiantity is just that; a giant hedonistic orgy.

In closing, I would like to say that these types of people - yes, the family members of the miners included - are mentally ill.

That is all.

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