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Monday, January 09, 2006 

All aboard the famine express!

Demented little-man Kim Jong-Il hopped on his special armored train, which is powered by famine and murder, to pay a visit to China. I suppose this despicable turd is putting on his best platform shoes, dressing up real munchkin-like - in an effort to finally get his hands on a civilian nuclear reactor. At least our statist 'leaders' haven't given in to him yet. I'm sure someone eventually will though. Greed knows no bounds in our civilization these days.

Oh, and how come Christians can't differentiate the evil, tyrannical ways of a midget from a lack of belief in neon green unicorns. I'm tired of hearing them throw North Korea out there as an example of what atheism does to a country. It's coercive atheism within that nation and there is no way to tell if the people there indeed hold it as a truth; even though they'd be wiser for doing so on their own accord. And you see where that coercion North Korea don't you? No where. So blame the evil bastards whom perpetuate all of the immorality in that part of the world. Leave atheism out of it. Besides, look at some of the largest atheistic populations and tell me if all of those countries are genocidal and economically dysfunctional due to their disbelief.

Anyway, here is the story about this pint-sized asshole: Click Me...

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