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Monday, December 05, 2005 

March for Israel, Months for Iran

Recently, Israel has publically stated that it will be forced to take action against Iran if their nuclear prolifiration maintains it's "full speed ahead" approach. They've set an arbitrary date of March 2006 as to when this action will take place.

This, of course, was prior to information coming to light that Russia has plans to sell Iran some key components to upgrade their missile defense systems with the Tor M-1; used to shoot down any incoming attacks on Iran's nuclear facilities presumably. And if you ascribe to various news reports coming out of Israel, Iran can have a fully functioning nuke within months provided they've kept their promise of continuing to enrich uranium at undisclosed locations.

The "How the World Ends" script is seemingly past the halfway marker. I hope everyone's eyes and ears are beginning to focus on the 500llb gorilla that has been sitting in each and every one of our living rooms for the past 50 years. A live action, massively scaled, macabre play with millions of lives hanging in the balance.

Not buying it, eh? Think whatever side of the isle you are on will save the day? Well, let's knock that barrier down because they're one in the same. Al Gore (remember him? heh) signed a secret agreement, at the time, with Russia in 1995 that stated Russia would not get in trouble(sanctions) for any and all not so nice things it sold to Iran up to 1999. In other words, their record would get expunged for being devious bastards. Nevermind that we had an Iraq-Iran non-prolifiration agreement in place that was in direct conflict with Gore's little deal.

Then there is Presidente Bush, our shining example of American sub-mediocrity to the world. This genius flat out said no to Israel when they requested help with Iranian nuclear disarmament in 2000. Fast-forward to Feb. 2005 - Bush lets it slip in a press conference that the U.S. would back Israel if they had to attack Iran. Only to revert to his standard issue diplomacy rhetoric a few questions later. Either way, his administration's actions wouldn't quell the veritable Pandora's Box in that region.

The writing is on the wall.

If I were you, which I am, having a plan to permanently leave where ever you are situated and a few duffle bags filled with the bare necessities to sustain human life, which I do, at hand would be pertinent.

Verily I say unto thee(Haha, had to type that at least once in this blog) : These are most definately Twisted Times.

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