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Friday, December 30, 2005 

Holy Crap is funny!

So, I was channel surfing the other day and came across the Trinity Broadcasting Network. I had previous knowledge of what this channel was all about, Christianity and how much money the hosts need to buy fabulous island homes in order to honor god, which is probably why i'd never watched it before. Anyway, I thought that I would check it out for a few minutes after hearing about it through the Atheistic grapevine. Those few minutes turned into an hour and a half of non-stop, stomach-busting laughter.

Just when you think you've witnessed some of the more perplexing things in life, BAM! Something like this pops up out of nowhere. There was this woman, at least I think it was a woman, with a gigantic head of hair that is almost defies further description. It seemed to change colors as though it had some bioluminescent properties too. So, I ended up l listening to this talking hair-monster quote scripture for awhile. Heh, honestly, she looks like she had a bleached Muppet on her head. I wonder if it's done in order to please her god in some way?

The point being, these people are fucking crazy. Funny but, ultimately, fucking crazy. They keep asking for money left and right, only stopping to breathe and quote scripture. The guy who was sitting next to the hair thingy had this awkward smile plastered onto his face as though he'd just gotten through reading the 10 Hottest Toys for Little Boys in his lastest copy of Pedophile Weekly or something. They both looked sick, and sounded worse.

I laughed, looked on in astonishment, marveled at how organized their stupidity was, and found a new lifeform sitting atop someone's head. Maybe Christians have finally given up trying to maintain their facade of looking sane? 'Cause they certainly don't sound sane.

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