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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

Humanity - Us versus Them?

Well, the Summer has passed, at least in this part of the world, and I have had many a thought run through this weary mind since my last correspondence. Let's start off with a biggie, shall we?

With the continuing "War on Relig... err I mean Terrorism", an omnipresent class war in the U.S, and a seemingly impending energy catastrophe on the horizon, there doesn't seem to be any bastion of sanity for people to rally around. Certainly not in the public eye, at least. No government officials who are demanding answers to necessary questions. No media outlets pushing at least a partially-objective notion of humanity. What, then, are millions of open-minded human beings to do when the bell tolls for a final time on one of these, any many more, pressing issues that only seek to divide our species further?

Will your religion save you? Sure, if you hit the ultimate lottery and your path to salvation just happens to be the correct choice(hah, choice! there's an arguement about contradicting free will somwhere in there), which virtually anyone will say who holds a deity all too close to their heart. Here, in this country, the prevailing ethereal ruler(s) are God and "his" son Jesus Christ. So, according to the last time I could stomach CNN, Fox, NBC, or (insert major media puppeteer here) for more than 2 successive minutes, if you do not follow those two and their divine ideological ways then you are one of the dreaded "them". You know, people who live in the Middle East, Canada, Asia, caves, desert palaces, Northeastern U.S., and so on.

I've wrttien of them before. Them are something that is not you. Precisely that. Therefore, them must be inherently skewed or confused; such would the power structure of this country have you believe. A bit too conspiratorial for you? Fine, fine, i'll subdue my curiosity for a moment and continue with my main point.

Is this whole life thing really just a poker game with stakes so high that we only find out who wins when our hearts cease to beat? Is your invisible god bluffing or does he have pocket aces? Remember in the South Park episode, or was it the movie?, when everyone is at the gates of Hell, waiting for the devil to come and someone asks about which religion was the right one? Well, it's safe to say that if you're a rational individual, you understand that's not how it works.

Having a notion of humanity is not just some distorted tag-line thrown into politician's resumes. Humanism is a philosophy that encompasses us, them, and all humans inbetween. While I don't advocate collectivism, humanism does have some aspects which I consider useful.

If the citizens of this country want to distance themselves from the quagmire that our foreign relations have become, then turn off the televisions, try learning a second language, and stop listening to propaganda. Those places are real that you've seen in the magical box. War-torn, impoverished nations struggling to support themselves under the heavy economic strains of the corporatists; those places are real. They are as real as the street you walk on to go buy a gallon of milk at the local variety store. In fact, an alarming number of communities in this very country can probably equal the amount of despair felt by those just mentioned.

A key to addressing that problem is not one of dropping boxes of food on their heads, debt relief, or going to war and implementing a way of life that conflicts their own. It is simply done, first and foremost, by realizing that these people are not "them" but rather us. The same feelings are felt all across the world. Love, hate, sadness, curiosity, fear, insignificance. We all share a basic common bond; that we're human beings. It's not as though one side of the equation is a turtle and the other side is a wolf. We're the same species. All of us have genetic bonds and that needs to be far more prevalent in our mindset when we examine the differences that have us at odds today. Sure, this is a sappy return to my seldom used virtual space but I feel that this train of thought is a good start. Perhaps it's borrowing a bit much from a collectivist point of view, but if we approach it with our own interests being served simultaneously with the groups', albeit with our own selfish interests in mind first and foremost, I don't see the harm that could do. Does it require a sacrifice that would hurt anyone. Well, I suppose it would hurt a Christian to not be able to wish some sort of eternal damnation upon any and all people outside of their amoral circle.

Don't get me wrong though. This isn't some call for altruism or new-age crackpottery to start running rampant, or even at all. Rather, I would like to think that any morons(read: chest thumping Christians) who read this would maybe, just maybe, stop polluting our society with incoherent, mind-controlling dogmas. Bastards.

Yeesh, my thoughts are all jumbled up, eh? Oh well.

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