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Tuesday, November 22, 2005 

The Federal Reserve and J.F.K.

Forty-two years ago today, the United States of America lost it's last semi/quasi-free thinking leader. By which I mean, he had the fortitude not to be trampled on by those whom wore a badge of globalization on their foreheads. Which isn't saying all that much because he was a theist and that negated most of his moral judgement.

Anyways, I'd like to talk about the circumstances of John F. Kennedy's death and offer a slightly less than "patriotic" point of view in regards to his untimely demise.

Ten days before his murder, Kennedy gave a speech at Columbia University where he stated that a "grievous wrong" had be forced upon the American people and he how intended to do his civic duty by ridding the people of this injustice. You see, on June 4, 1963 President Kennedy had signed Executive Order 11110. This order essentially took away all power that the Federal Reserve Bank had over our currency and, essentially, the country..

First, let me briefly explain the hollow nature of the Federal Reserve. The FR is not backed by anything tangible like the U.S. Treasury used to be. That is to say, no gold, silver, platinum, or copper. Nothing. An interest rate is charged to the U.S. Government everytime they need to print more currency. So, we're supposed to pay back our debt + interest. That is the only thing backing our currency and it is the main reason why our national debt is allowed to climb into the trillions today. Oh, and did I mention that contrary to it's name, the Federal Reserve is not a government institution? It's a privately/publically owned bank. More on that later.

JFK, having a penchant for doing the right thing, completely looked past all party and economic lines. He signed the aforementioned document, that would've made the founding fathers nod in approval, and reversed a financial coup by unseen forces. Over 4 billion U.S Treasury, which had sustantial silver backing, notes had been printed and put into circulation between the time the order was signed and JFK was killed. Subsequently, when LBJ took over, one of his first actions was to remove these U.S. Treasury notes from circulation. Thus putting our country right back into the same economic quagmire where a few select individuals fleece America of it's wealth perennis.

Here's the kicker though. Executive Order 11110 was never officially amended by any President. or legislative power, whom have followed. This has been researched extensively by numerous political activist groups, law firms, and determined citizens alike. Regardless of your politics, it is undeniable that the Federal Reserve has zero legal grounds for printing our money and putting the interest it charges us to do so in the pockets of it's owners. A crime of epic proportions has been committed against the American public for nearly 50 years and no one seems to care.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy did though. One could argue that it's not worth the effort. After all, look at what happened to our 35th President. I disagree. If enough people can collectively muster up the courage to take a stand, then a few things could happen. 1. The United States would take a big step backwards into a constitutional embrace, if you will. 2. Those behind such entities as the Federal Reserve would be forced to take action that would nullify their guise of anoninimity to the masses; which could lead to the shadowy strangle hold on our civilaztion loosening, if only for a moment. I'm sure they wouldn't be too fond of latter. Then again, it doesn't seem like anything really puts a dent in the democratic system. We could all stop voting but that isn't going to happen.

Who are these people you ask? Well, quite frankly, it's the A-List of the world's bankers. Are these the sort ultimately responsible for Kennedy's death? No one can ever say for sure, but it is the most plausible theory i've seen over the years. Use some logic with this template and see if it makes sense to you.

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