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Tuesday, March 15, 2005 

Dr. Eugene Mallove 1947 - 2004

Eugene Mallove, a name most people will never hear. Though, names with the significance of his should be shouted from hilltops all across this country. Pioneering in alternative energy, he was recognized as one of the most prominent Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions researchers (Hydrino physics aka "cold fusion") on the planet. Believing he was only months away from seeing an actual free-energy device unveiled to the world, Eugene wrote a letter to his good friend Richard C. Hoagland. In that letter, he addressed the world with promising news of what he had hoped would soon could become an Earth-shattering development in how we live our everyday lives.

Unfortunately for us, the world, Eugene was murdered in his Connecticut home last year. The police have ruled it a homicide, due to a botched robbery attempt. The latter part being their best "guess". At the time Eugene was killed, he was moving out of his house and preparing to sell. There was nothing in the house to be stolen. Instead, something far greater was taken from us all and no questions were asked. At least not by anyone with a loud enough voice as to make a difference. The most popular late night radio show, Coast to Coast, which reaches 10 million listeners a night all across the world, has attempted to make Dr. Mallove's plight known. However, it seems, as the morning sun rises all is forgotten by the rest of the world. Sure, lots of people like me know who Dr. Mallove was, and what he was working towards, but in what does that result? Being in the consciousness of a subdued minority won't make whatever he was working on magically appear on the market.

Dr. Mallove isn't the only person of his stature who has met such an unfortunate and untimely death. Since 1994, over 50 of the world's leading scientists, in trail-blazing fields, have died under suspicious circumstances. No one hears about them, save in a tiny 30 second spot on their local evening news or an unworthy obituary in the weekend paper. Many scientists whom I have met over the years are so spooked by these events that it grows more doubtful, by the day, that anyone will ever openly admit to being so close to something which would liberate much of the burden on our civilization. And if they do, well, look what happens in many cases.

In the end we, as human beings, have lost the most as a result of this tragedy. Despite the joy that it would've brought Eugene to see a free energy source sweep over the planet, it would've meant so much more to billions of people. We stay the course, though traversing it all more silently than in years past, because one of us will eventually break through the tangled web they weave.

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